Warframe, Paladins, and how they changed me


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27 July 2017
The Ground
Many people regard free to play games as one of two categories; Ad riddled virus fests or amazing games but die quickly. Paladins and Warframe are in their own league due to being one of the very few games who launch f2p and last. One may compare paladins to lets say OW, and TF2 because of the gameplay but it meshes perfectly into its own sort of sub-genre of FPS that requires deck building to make sure certain moves regen faster if you're advanced with that said skill. Warframe is often compared to Destiny and D2 but in reality it quite isn't at all. Warframe is a third person sci fi shooter and DE themselves like to call it a space ninja simulator, with minor fantasy elements. These games have changed me in two different ways, Warframe brought me to my senses and the story genuinely made me feel for the characters, with the help of the soundtrack and compelling voice acting, while paladins helped me use strategy and plan out with my friends.

Warframe's story starts off slow and slowly starts getting more and more grand, including giant space robots, A stalky boi trying to murder you, and a story of a tortured man turned monster with even better side stories such as curing a boss of his infection or understanding how the grineer (an enemy faction) thinks and how they struggle to survive as they're clones with more and more ruined genes as generations grow, and how a Greed cult fueled on profits slowly developed WMD's (Corpus) fights the Grineer for dominance of planets. The first boss is commander Vor, and he isn't the most compelling villain but is a good starter one. The story slowly starts to make sense after the codecies and when you unlock the new strange, and everything starts to fit together. The tutorial truly doesn't end until you reach the end of natah or otherwise the start of the true game. There are over 40+ warframes and customization comparable to TF2, and everything is free (with the exception of a discontinued founders pack reward of a prime warframe and landing craft)

Paladins is a fantastic game focused around teams and making a build that isn't always meta per say but your own. There are over 29+ champions and its heavily based on other FPS in the genre. Not much is left to explain than warframe but its depth is insane, from picking Khan and throwing enemies off the map and even being Drogoz and raining hellfire and large amounts of damage from above.

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20 June 2015
Paladins is great, just they're trying to be too many games at once.

Warframe reminds me of d2 in many ways, and it's executed phenomenally on the switch.