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5 December 2013
Hey everyone!!

It seems like EDawg has definitely come a long way recently. I remember back in 2014, there was a lot more rules and with the chat going 70 miles per hour, it was very hard to keep up with-especially for the staff who probably had social spy on as well. Within that time frame, gay marriage was legalized within the United States which allowed many more people to come out in a safer world. Since then, I’ve seen a lot more people feel accepted and seen others be more accepting of one’s identities.

So here’s me…I’m GENDER FLUID!! Being gender fluid in terms of the LGBT dictionary means: "a person who does not identify with a single fixed gender; of or relating to a person having or expressing a fluid or unfixed gender identity.” ( More so, to me it means that my gender identity fluctuates like a wave. One day, I may feel more masculine and dress/act like a male, the next I may feel more feminine and dress/act like a girl. There are also times-like through the time of writing this- I’ve felt neither male/female and it’s been harder to dress/act as such.

So what are my pronouns that you are welcome to use?? Despite having days where I may feel really masculine or feminine, I’ve been using they/them for big communities. Why? This is so they do not have to ask me about my pronouns each day. I’ve always been a fan of simple things and they/them just seems to work out really well for everyone. I want to clarify for anyone who is thinking that they’ve been using the wrong pronouns for me and feels bad: You didn’t know this about me! There is no way, unless I told you, that you’ve been using the wrong pronouns! You are in the clear!!

As I know that it can take people some time to adjust to new habits that they’ve been using for a long time, I want to add that it’s totally okay if you slip up once in a while and use she/her. I just ask that if I correct you or you catch yourself-smile and practice using they/them!! It’s not the most commonly used pronouns and it becomes a lot easier when you get in the habit of it!!

If you have any questions for me about my identity, please do not hesitate to ask them!! I am a big open book about most of my life and I encourage learning!! Being gender fluid is often not known as much as gay/trans/lesbian/bi! Please feel free to ask away and be open to learning!!

I am so proud to be a part of the EDawg community and the staff. You all are wonderful human beings and I feel as if you all are a blessing to my life. You all have made a massive impact on me and I would not have my life without any of you. Stay true to yourselves and know that you are loved.

~Tay8481228 | Moderator | Gender fluid | Fan of the local scenes


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31 December 2018
Oh my god I just saw this!! I support you tay and for your comfort I’ll start saying they/them <3 it’s not a problem for me to do :)
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