New commands & perks!

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5 June 2015
New Perks

- Homes $6.00 USD : This new perk allows you to access up to 54 homes!
/sethome [home name]​
/delhome [home name]​
- Trails $20.00 USD : This new perk offers you the option to use tons of unique particles & wings!

- Furniture[LITE] $10.00 USD : This new perk let's you use some of the amazing furniture on your plot!
/furniture manage​

- Furniture $60.00 USD : This new perk let's you use 50+ furniture options!
*Note, this perk is still being tested. It is available for preorder. Some furniture, if not all, may clear at any point during testing.*
/furniture manage​

New Tier Commands

- /fart (tier 4+)
Yup, you guessed it! When you are in "fart mode" and you crouch, you.... well fart.​
Your surroundings will be filled with white smoke and a noise will sound.​

- /teleport (tier 4+)
Grab a bow and do /teleport to access the teleportation bow! Wherever the arrow lands you teleport to!​
When you land, a burst of purple particle effects will disperse around you.​

- /backpack (tier 5+)
Do you own in-game items that have sentimental value? Or perhaps you have heads or banners you MUST keep safe.​
Now you can! /backpack allows you to access ten 9x6 (54 slots) "backpacks". These items will be safe, out of harms way.​

- /hotbarsounds (tier 5+)
Bleep, bloop, sizzle, BAM! With the new command /hotbarsounds, you are able to customize the sounds that are played when you​
scroll over items in your hotbar!​

- /kittycannon (tier 5+)
When you use /kittycannon, an explosive cat will be launched in the direction you are facing. Wait a few seconds and then BOOM!​

This thread is subject to change at any time. Updates will be posted as more perks/commands are added.
Not open for further replies.