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1 January 2017
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Hello everyone,

Creative writing is very near and dear to my heart because it is something I am very passionate about, because of this, I have decided to start up this special thread of creative writing...

Now, this can be any type of writing you would like - poems, short stories etc. - but we ask to keep writing within the server rules. These pieces of writing we ask to be a maximum of 500 words as well, this is only because when it will come down to reading them all, it needs to be a nice and easy process for the judges.

Another thing you're probably wondering is, what is Edawg Story Time? Well, it is going to be a small event in which a staff member will read out the best story that has been submitted to this thread for that month.

You can enter ONCE every single month, and if you win you will get a shoutout on the YouTube channel along with your story being read in a video. All stories will be read and considered no matter your position on the server.

Do not be disheartened if your story doesn't win. I wish you all the best of luck.

PM me on Discord or here with any inquiries. :D
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28 October 2013
Uh... Ooh! What's that! *runs*
(I'm not the best writer but I thought I'd give it a shot)

The Man

My story of the man who followed me is a scary, traumatic, and nightmare inducing one.

It went on for years and would not stop. It all started 5 years ago, I was alone at a bus stop, it was probably like 10 at night, dark, no one was around, the only source of light were the street lamps around, it was summer time so the moths were all attracted to the lights. While I was waiting for the bus I noticed that down the street, at the street corner was a man, I couldn’t see his face, from that distance he appeared to be a silhouette. I noticed the bus was arriving so I got up to let the driver know I was here. Out of no where he starts bolting towards me, I’m not sure but I think he had something in his hand, to this day I don’t know what it was, luckily for me the bus made it to me before he did and I jumped on and told the driver to close the door right away and told him there was someone following me. I looked out the window and noticed that the mysterious man had disappeared. The bus driver thought I was crazy or something and told me to take a seat, I did just that and I hadn’t seen him for a while.

A few years later I was with my friends downtown, we had just left a restaurant after going for dinner, it was bright, busy, filled with life. I looked down the street and there he was. The same silhouette, but something was different this time. Why was he a silhouette when I could see everyone elses faces so clearly? I tapped my friend on the arm and asked him if he saw that person, my friend saw nothing. I blinked and he was gone. I don’t know who he is, why he is following me, or what he wants, I am too scared for my life to even go near him when he appears. After thinking about it for a long time I decided to go to a therapist to see what they could tell me about why these occurrences were happening. My therapist told me that all these things were just in my imagination but it was so real that I couldn’t believe what they had told me. My doctor told me that the silhouette was just an escape for me, but an escape from what? I couldn’t understand. After leaving the therapist I went to the bus stop to go back home. He was there, again. I saw him, I thought to hell with it I need to approach this guy to find out who he is. I walked to him and said HEY! He turned around and looked at me. He looked like a shadow, as if there was no humanly presence about him, it chilled my spine. I shouted at him, COME HERE! He just stood there, still. I got closer and closer, then I grabbed his shoulder. That’s when I woke up. Back in the mental hospital sitting in solitary confinement.
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28 January 2019
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-Legends of the 3 realms-
Chapter 1. Basics
There once was a group of wonderers
They all depended on each other
Their names were
Ghandi the bold
Shad the brave
Irene the child
One day as they were laying in their make shift camp Irene heard the cloud whispering "Irene has come" " It's Irene"
Irene shook it off as she was tired but that night Ghandi heard the grass the trees and nature calling out "He's back" "ghandi has returned" " We're saved!" Ghandi shook it off as malnutrition but little did they know Shad was talking to her side "Shad is back" "I have returned my minions" she Called back in a whisper and fell asleep.
That morning nothing was said as Ghandi picked up a sleeping Irene and Shad was packing up camp they started to wonder again when they came upon a Village called Tu'la as all silence dissapered sound replaced.
Irene who was sleeping peacefully in Ghandi arms Stifled a yawn as she awoke to the sound. Shad started to lead them threw the forest to keep suspicion off them. Ghandi stopped for a little rest and put Irene down. As Irene was set down she became more alert and realised where they were and started to drag Ghandi and Shad deeper threw the forest "Woah Woah Little one" Ghandi and Shad chorused but Irene didn't listen and kept pulling but got nowhere as Ghandi scooped her up and despite her feeble attempts to escape it didn't work. "Irene you remember" "remember the portal" the clouds screamed, Irene was so confused but was still panicking "Irene what's wrong" Shad asked Irene opened her mouth to speak when she dropped limp. As her small purple eyes glassed over her voice came out in a much softer an older tone more angelic "Shad Ghandi run my friends you are not safe here I posses my child and as will your parents my name is Irene and Irene is my descendant just as your Shads and Ghandis they will visit you soon we will leave you with these memories but run my time is up goodbye" The gazed eyes of Irene were fully closed she was passed out. "Ghandi RUN" Shad screamed at her brother Ghandi looked behind him to see Tu'la's guards charging at them Ghandi turned on his heal and ran clutching Irene close to him.
It was until Shad tripped that they noticed how close the guards were.
Ghandi tried to help Shad up in a hurry but alas it was no use they were captured.
Shad was being dragged by the guards while Ghandi was being very protective of Irene he wouldn't let her get taken from his grasp the guards didn't give up trying to grab her though, they prodded and pulled even Yanked at Irene but Ghandi would just pull her closer.
"Hey, we were doing just fine before you chased us" Ghandi started singing "we wonder a lot and that's an issue Okay" Shad sang As they were singing Irene slowly woke up, when she fully gained consciousness she sang "So you guards from tu'la are driving me crazy just let us go and we will fight maybe" The guards just looked at the three weirdly. Ghandis eyes glazed over and Shad knew what was happening "Irene! Clutch to Ghandi with all your strength and don't let go no matter what!" She shouted Irene adjusted her grasp and held him with all her strength. " My son and friends daughters I am Ghandi and I owed you this, Irene came and left you with many un answered questions My son you are so powerful but these guards don't know it. They think you are witches and not worriers so as I leave my farewell your memories will include your past." As Ghandis eyes closed Irenes clutch never faltered as Ghandi went down so did she the merciless guards just dragged Ghandi and Irene back to tu'la "when is my ancestor gonna visit me?" Shad asked herself....
(I helped with the story with 2 others)
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27 August 2018
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okay the point of this poem is that you read it top to bottom, then bottom to top ( so like backwards ). enjoy!

(By Cassie; acousthicc)

I hate you.
And I will never say,
I love you more than myself.
Because the truth is,
You're not the one for me.
And you will never hear me say,
I will always want you.
You will always be on my mind
And overtime
I will say I don't need you.
And that is the truth.
You don't need me.
The words I shouldn't say but;
Day by day you change my mind and
I've never wanted you.
And I will never say,
I will always love you.​
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22 April 2019
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I wrote a story a while ago, but never thought about finishing it. So, here it is:

Broken Walls
It was dark. A cold shiver went from my neck all the way to my back. Waterdrops dripped down on the broken, white-yellow walls. With every step that I took it made a noise, like the floor was going to collapse. Through small windows, I could see what was on the outside of the building. Between the big, high trees I could see the moon. It was a full moon. The moon’s light shone through the little windows. It was light enough to see where I was walking and what was around me, but it was too dark to see everything clearly. It was quiet. The only sound around me was the sound of the waterdrops dripping down and the noise of the walls cracking a little more and the noise of the floor breaking. I was alone, at least, I thought I was. I couldn’t see if there was anything or anyone else with me in the old building. Slowly, the water on the floor began to rise. I felt the water going through my shoes. Vibrations were created in the water, almost as if there was wind, but there was no wind. In the distance, I heard footsteps in the water. They began to sound louder and louder; they were coming closer.

A figure entered the same room as I was in. The only thing I could see was that the figure was small and very slim. “Who’s there?” I asked. My voice echoed through the small room. It gave no answer. It seemed as if it was wearing a hood, which is why I couldn’t see its face. “Hello?” I asked again, hoping it would answer me this time. It didn’t. It stayed deadly quiet. The sun slowly began to rise. The sunshine came through the small windows and the cracks in the walls. Suddenly, everything was visible. Underneath the hood, short, white-blonde hair appeared. The figure appeared to be female. Her hands reached towards her hood, and slowly took it off her head. I was finally able to see her face. She had a childly, cute face. The sunlight shone precisely on her face, which let me see she had bright green eyes, and that she had freckles on her nose and cheeks. “Who are you?” I asked carefully, “Why are you here?” She again didn’t answer. Wind raged through the building. Cold shivers shot over my back. Suddenly, a black shadow formed over the building. The wind and the rain began to intensify, almost as if there was a storm. “Run.” She whispered. I didn’t move a muscle. “Run! Now!” she yelled as she ran towards me. She grabbed my arm, which left me no other choice than to run with her. The black mass was chasing us. I began to lose my breath and turned around. The black mass was overwhelming and terrifying. You couldn’t see through it. It was right behind us. Running in the layer of water on the floor became exhausting and it made me trip, which made me hit my head on a rock in the water. As my head was bleeding, I saw the black mass coming over me. All I could remember was a scream before I lost my conciousness.

EDIT: The "girl" that I wrote about in the story, in the following link, I have made a SIM, which kind of shows what she looks like precisely. Click here to see the pictures.
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